SF-2 structure

The porous bronze layer is sintered on the steel backing and has the function of bonding the sliding
surface in polyacetalic resin and permetting thermal dispersion which presents sockets
for collecting and gradually releasing the lubricant in order to reduce friction and protect the surface
from the running of the bush.

In order to facilitate re-lubrication, the SF-2 bushes are furnished with an external hole for that
purpose. It is recommended to use a grease with litio soap; on the contrary MoS2 and grease with a
graphite base are NOT suitable.

The SF-2 bushes have uses in multiple sectors, among which we find: mining industry and metallurgies,
printing presses, hydroelectric machines and for cold lamination of steel; generally applications
with periodic lubrication.

The use of this type of bush is growing rapidly thanks to its principal characteristics listed as
follows, which favour the elimination of diverse problems.

• low maintenance, due to long intervals of
• good adaptability to oscillating and rotating movements
• limited wear (if applied and used correctly)
• water repellent
• reduced sensibility to the loading on the edges
• good heat dispersion.

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