Series nutr ..

NUTR, as NATV have a full-complement design, outer ríng has
two edges which enable it to driven them axially.
These yoke track rollers, are particularly suitable for heavy loads
and able to stand lateral efforts thanks to their axial guidance.
Very high loads can be stood from yoke track rollers supplied with
an high thickness outer ring: these have to be relubricated olften.
PWTR..2RS series have a new optimized profile for the outer
surface. This type of yoke track rollers present: lower pressure,
lower edge loading if tilting occurs, lower wear of the mating
track and extended operating life of the mating track.
PWTR .. 2RS are thermally stable in a temperature range between
-30 ° C to +120 ° C.
NNTR..ZZ yoke track rollers series have a full complement
cylindrical roller set, this allows high load capacity. The axial
guidance of the outer ring is made by rolling elements and
rib. NNTR..ZZ yoke track rollers series have sealing shield with
lamellar rings.

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