090 e 092 bronze bushes characteristics

090 and 092 are bushes in phosphorous bronze which is particularly indicated to achieve coupling
with construction steels.

These types of bushes, either cylindrical or flanged, are cut out of bronze sheets that are from 1 to 2,5mm thick.
Among the principal characteristics that distinguish these bushes we find:

• good capacity to slide
• good resistance to chemical agents
• high load capacity
• high thermal conductivity
• each mounting in diverse applications
• easy to lubricate
• reduced obstruction
• longer ranges lubrication
• resistance to bumping and to oscillations

Their internal surface, can be supplied with spherical pockets (spherical cap pockets) or with a
diamond shape (lozenge cap pockets).
These bushes are widely used in the machinery sector and bridges for lifting, tooling machines,
automobiles, tractors and trucks.

There is also a series of bushes entirely in bronze, deriving from the series 090, where pockets have
been substitute by circular passthrough holes (092 series).

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