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Bearing lubrication: why is it important?

Correct bearing lubrication can prevent up to 55% of premature damage to your bearings, significantly increasing their operational life and thus reducing sudden stops resulting in production downtime and possible dangers for operators.

The advantages of carrying out a correct lubrication of the bearings are various and all have an impact on production:

- reduction of wear and seizure of the elements in contact
- protection of the same from corrosion
- tightness against external pollutants
- energy saving obtained thanks to the reduction of the friction between the rolling elements
- temperature reduction thanks to heat dispersion (if lubricated with oil circulation)

How is bearing lubrication done?

The lubrication of the bearings can take place both using lubricating oil and grease: both are valid solutions, each of which has pros and cons which from time to time make the designer lean towards one solution rather than the other.

The greases used are distinguished by the different compositions of the thickeners, the base oils they contain, the viscosity of the oil itself and the package of any additives: traditional greases contain a mineral base oil and a ferrous soap (lithium, calcium , aluminum. etc. etc. ).

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