Thrust ball bearings

Axial deep groove ball bearings:

are standardised, ready-to-fit units with high axial load carrying capacity
are suitable exclusively for the support of predominantly axial loads
are particularly suitable where the bearing position is subjected to high axial loads from one or both sides, but the requirements for axial load carrying capacity are not so high that axial cylindrical roller bearings with even higher load carrying capacity must be used
permit higher speeds than roller or needle roller and cage assemblies
compensate, in conjunction with a spherical housing locating washer, static misalignments between the shaft and housing section

Bearing design
Design variants

Axial deep groove ball bearings are available as:

single direction bearings
double direction bearings

Basic bearing design
Non-self-retaining, easy-to-fit bearing units

Axial deep groove ball bearings are part of the group of axial ball bearings.
The bearings are of a multi-piece construction and, due to their design, are not self-retaining.
As a result, it is possible to mount the bearing parts (shaft locating washer, housing locating washer, ball and cage assembly, support washer) separately from each other.
In order to guide the balls, the shaft and housing locating washer have raceway grooves (formed rolling element raceways) with a defined osculation, in which the rolling elements circulate.
The ball set is retained by a sheet steel cage or a solid brass cage. When using these bearings, the designer does not need to produce the bearing parts for his bearing arrangement and match these to each other himself, but can instead use a standarised, ready-to-fit unit.

Single direction axial deep groove ball bearings
Ready-to-fit bearing unit for compact axial designs

These axial deep groove ball bearings comprise a shaft locating washer, a housing locating washer and a ball and cage assembly ➤ Figure. In order to ensure centring of the washers with a precise fit, the bore of the shaft locating washer (d) is ground. In contrast, the bore of the housing locating washer (D1) is more generously dimensioned and is turned. The housing locating washer can be flat or spherical and can be configured with or without a support washer.

The support washers U2 and U3 must be ordered in addition to the bearing.

Load carrying capacity of single direction bearings.

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