Slewing Bearings

Slewing Bearings

The slewing bearing has to be adopted when, in a machinery or in mechanical plant, a structural part must rotate opposed to
another part, along a xed axis, ensuring the axial and radial link between the two parts. The slew bearing, with the maximum
stiness oered by its design, must bear and transmit the operative loads of the structure it is linked to, and also it must guarantee
the required motion precision, the respect of operational parameters, and the required lifetime.
It is evident how the slewing bearing is a fundamental component and its choice must be done according to specic technical
studies. ISB-BEARINGS technical sta can assist your Company in the choice of the suitable bearing.

Common application are:
• excavators
• concrete pumps
• boomlift, manlift
• crane truck
• civil and harbour crane
• compactors
• wind turbines
• radar
• manipulators
• lling carousels
• rotary tables

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Agricoltural Slewing Bearings

Basic Bearings ZK E NK

Basic Bearings EBL

Basic Bearings ZBL

Basic Bearings NBL

Basic Bearings EB1

Basic Bearings ZB1

Basic Bearings NB1

Basic Bearings EB2, with double ball bearing row

Basic Bearings ZB2, with double ball bearing row

External tooth lock washers series ER1

Crossed roller base bearings series ZR1

Radial and axial bearings series ER3

Radial and axial bearings series ZR3