bearing inch size ucx isb

ISB® housings are constructed in multiple executions, with external parts in cast iron, bound with aluminium, in moulded steel sheets and in plastic.
The housing units are supplied complete with ball bearing, provided with external ball rings which can oscillate in the corresponding track hollowed out in the casting, in such a way as to compensate for any defect of alignment, eliminating solicitation between the shaft and the prop.
It corresponds to the internal constructive characteristics of the 62 or 63 series according to the ISO tables.

Specially studied and particularly indicated resistance gaskets are located on both sides of the ball bearing, to guarantee perfect resistance, this avoids eventual infiltration from dust, humidity and fluids of various types.
All of the ball bearings are pre-lubricated and can be lubricated repeatedly, except the series: CB - RB - SA - SB, which are lubricated for their lifetime.
Should the housing be used in particularly critical conditions such as the ambient where agricultural companies or iron and steel foundries operate, all of the housings can be supplied with supplementary protective covers.
The covers can be constructed in grey cast iron or in steel sheets or in plastic and are constructed in such a way as to guarantee even eventual substitution of rubber seals with common felt rings.
There are also closed covers used in applications where the shaft does not pass.

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