Axial cylindrical roller bearings zarn

These needle roller bearings are particularly suitable for
applications requiring ability to stand heavy loads and a very
accurate axial placing.
Radial needle roller bearings ZARN..L consist in caged radial
needle bearing supplied with an outer ring having a big
thickness, its lateral surfaces are used as raceways for two thrust
needle bearings or roller bearings; the inner ring of radial needle
roller bearing is holded sideways between the ring of the thrust
bearing and it works as a spacer for the axial bearing.
A ZARF..L bearing has the same characteristic of a ZARN..L type,
but it’s different from it because these bearings have the outer
ring of radial bearing that is higher, creating in this way a flange
provided with fixation holes.
They are suitable for applications requiring low speeds and
lighter loads.
Under request for these needle roller bearings special oil seals can
be supplied : their special duty is to protect them from external
It is very important to carefully follow assembling operations, as
these bearings have to be mounted on very rigid parts: the outer
ring has to be locked against one housing step, avoiding in this
way any kind of axial movement while loading.

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