Machine stopped and don't know what to do?

We have been preparing for this for 70 years.

In an era of hyper-globalisation, market-makers' policy has been directed towards standardising as much as possible. In order to address the specific needs that have been neglected by this trend, we have established and refined a number of practices that have developed over time into value-added services.

Lateral thinking, experience and extensive knowledge of the world of industrial supplies. These are the elements that allow our organisation to solve a myriad of problems linked to production processes that are as diverse as they are united by the same denominator: continuing to produce.

Fast International Seek

As an airport hub-and-spoke system, we receive daily electronic stock from countless European and non-European warehouses. These are certified suppliers with whom we have been trading for years.

It doesn't take us long to locate the component you need and arrange for it to be shipped.

Hard to find

“NOT AVAILABLE” is the answer to a supply request that leaves little hope for the recipient. Finding unavailable components is one of our greatest strengths.

Do not be dismayed by this answer, instead get in touch with us. Our success rate is 90%.

Multi-brand consultation

Is it possible to control costs without losing performance? Yes, it is. What is important is knowing when it is really possible and beneficial to do so. There are completely identical components produced by different brands with significant price differences. Don't miss out on an opportunity to save money, just ask us.

Live stock

Our warehouse is your warehouse. Browse through the categories and subcategories in the product section, use the advanced search and find all the mechanical components you need. Consultation, research and supply: we are the single point of contact that adds time to your work instead of taking it away. Whenever you can't find what you are looking for, contact us.

SB Italy products: diameter, thickness and weight


Fast International Seek success rate


for quoting unavailable components


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success-rate in finding “unavailable” components


products always in stock

Get ready to change your perspective on sourcing industrial supplies.

Timeframes, scope and prices will no longer be the same.