Radial insert ball bearing AY INA

Lock ring bearings are ready-to-mount single row units,
consisting of a massive outer ring, larger inner ring on one or both sides,
plastic or sheet steel cages and P, R, L or T type seals.

Bearings with a wider inner ring on both sides are subject to less tipping
and therefore have a more regular operation.

The outer surface of the outer ring is spherical or cylindrical. In combination with an INA support
suitable, compensate for shaft alignment errors; see section “compensation of alignment errors”.
They are fixed to the shaft by means of an eccentric collar, grub screws in the inner ring, adapter sleeve,
drive or positive coupling grooves. Bearings with locking ring are particularly
easy to assemble, they are preferably indicated for drawn shafts in tolerance from h6 to h9 and, with few exceptions,
they can be relubricated.

Some construction series with eccentric collar or grub screws in the inner ring are also available with bore sizes in inches.

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