The chain is one of the mechanisms that can be adopted to transmit power from one rotating shaft to another, whether they are installed on the same machine or on independent mechanisms, obtaining nearly 98% yields which, thanks to the relative lightness and reduced overall dimensions, allow their use in a large number of applications; using appropriate arrangements, this type of transmission can be adopted with the same efficiency even in dusty, corrosive environments, in fresh or sea water.
The basic elements constituting a chain transmission can be a sprocket, one or more driven gears and a chain whose links engage with gears teeth.
The process of designing a chain transmission involves two key steps: the first is the definition of the chain series to be installed while the second is the calculation, based on the specifications of the chosen chain and sprockets, of the most suitable transmission, in order to answer to the application characteristics, that is the capacity to transmit the required power at the pre-established speed, for the indicated service hours, a characteristic that will mainly be function of the fatigue resistance and wear of its components.

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