Cylindrical Roller Bearing Single Row RSL INA

Cylindrical roller bearings
Single row cylindrical roller bearings with cage are units consisting of solid outer and inner rings
and from crowns of cylindrical rollers. The outer rings are made with fixed borders on both sides or without
borders; the inner rings have one or two fixed borders or are without borders. The cage prevents the rollers
cylindrical ones come into contact during rolling. There are also designs of cylindrical roller bearings
without cage.

Optimized edge contact
"Classic" cylindrical roller bearings have an extremely high radial load carrying capacity and a high
stiffness. Cylindrical roller bearings can also support axial loads in "bearing" configurations
support "and" fixed bearings ".
While the radial loads are supported by the raceways, the axial loads are transferred
through the front surfaces of the rollers and the edges which, of course, limits the permissible axial load.

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