Spherical plain bearings and rod ends GX

Thrust spherical plain bearings have a convex spherical surface on the shaft washer and a corresponding concave spherical surface in the housing washer.

They are intended to accommodate axial loads primarily but can also accommodate combined (radial and axial) loads.

The radial load component of a combined load should not exceed 50% of the axial load component. When radial loads are larger, it is advisable to combine thrust bearings with radial bearings in the GE dimension series.

Thrust spherical plain bearings are separable, e.g. shaft and housing washers can be mounted separately.

Dimension standards Boundary dimensions: ISO 12240-3:1998
Tolerances ISO 12240-2:1998 (table 1)
Materials Shaft and housing washers: through-hardened and ground bearing steel
Shaft washer sliding surface: hard chromium plated and coated with a mineral oil based, lithium soap thickened grease
Sliding layer: fibre reinforced polymer, containing PTFE, injection moulded onto the housing washer
Permissible operating temperature range -40 to +75 °C (-40 to +165 °F), for brief periods up to +110 °C (+230 °F);
reduced load carrying capacity at temperatures above +50 °C (+120 °F);

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