Wheels lr

Wheels are built according to an execution, which resembles
serie 62 ball bearings’.
Yet wheels are provided with a higher outer ring.
Wheels with two rows are thought to resist bi-directional axial
This can be achieved thanks to the higher number of balls.
These series present a C3 radial play.
The series with outer cylindrical ring are built according to DIN
rules and present a PN tolerance class: while, the series with
outer spherical ring have D diameter tolerance (-0.05). The
radial play is CN and lubrication is made by means of some
lithium’s soap grease. Suffix – U indicates the spherical external
To use bearings as wheels, coefficients Cw and Cow must be taken
into consideration. The latter are calculated on the basis of the
elastic deformation of the bearing’s outer ring, when the object
itself is bearing a load.

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